Dear friends,

We hope this message finds you in good spirits and that you and your loved ones are doing your best during the COVID-19 pandemic. We share many of the same uncertainties and questions, and fear the inevitable roadblocks and hardships that you do when it comes to thinking about the days ahead. As you know, we have essentially halted all promotional efforts for DPW 1 on 6/28. This was done to be mindful of the current situation and planned to resume those efforts when stay-at-home orders were lifted, you and your families are going back to work, and life started to return to normal. Unfortunately, with the world standing still a little longer than we all hoped, we are running out of time to adequately prepare for DPW 1. Even if the current Minnesota stay-at-home order is lifted on May 4th, we simply won't have enough time to produce the content and stories we were planning to film this spring and there's simply no way of knowing when the general public will be ready to venture back into crowded movie theaters, restaurants, or wrestling events. I will be honest, we romanticized the idea of being "one of the first shows people get to go to when quarantines are lifted!" and making it a big celebration, and it will be a celebration when DPW 1 takes place, but we are going to wait to celebrate with you until the world has steadied and begun the healing process, and until we have the ability and time to present Discover Pro exactly the way Nick and I have envisioned it.

Therefore, we have made the decision to suspend ticket sales for DPW 1 on 6/28. Please note:

- ALL tickets and VIP upgrades will be honored for the new DPW 1 date.

- We have three potential dates prepared to choose from when we are able to resume promotional efforts, and we will announce it as soon as we possibly can. All of these dates are still in Duluth, MN at Clyde Iron Works Event Center

- If you would like a refund, please contact us. Please include your name and order number, and we can issue refunds via PayPal.

I'm sure you can all imagine how hard this has been for me personally. DPW has been a dream of mine for many years. But, I am surrounded by a wonderful team of people who all share the same dream, and will not rest until that dream is realized. For that, I am able to remain optimistic.

And I hope you are finding your silver lining as well.

I'm sorry we have to do this, but we hope you understand. Stay safe, stay healthy, take care of each other.


DPW Founder, Owner

Original Statement

Dear friends,

It's difficult to know exactly what to say in times like these. You want to help as much as you can, but when everyone is suffering, we all feel a little helpless, perhaps a little afraid, and that's okay. The best we can all do is to remain optimistic that life will soon return to normal and we will be a more connected and empathetic people as a result of this pandemic.

We fundamentally believe in doing what is within our capacity to take care of our neighbors. We regret that we can't do more, but as a very young, start-up company, all that is within our capacity to do right now is to donate 100% of our t-shirt sales to the United Way, indefinitely.

Regarding DPW 1

You may have noticed that our social media accounts have been relatively quiet since the pandemic started crucially affecting lives, businesses, friends, and family. We just don't feel it's appropriate to promote our event right now when so many of our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers... everyone, is suffering.


However, we have no intention on canceling DPW 1 for June 28th at Clyde Iron Works, but no one really knows when life will get back to "normal," so we DO have a contingency plan in place should we need to cancel.

With that being said, tickets are still on sale for DPW 1: The Warmth of Warfare for June 28th at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, MN, with only 9 front row seats left.

Take care of each other. We'll see you all soon.

Thank you


DPW Founder, Owner