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Ignite Dispensary,

On behalf of Discover Pro Wrestling, I must extend my deepest gratitude for your interest in our little dream.

Ironically, words don't serve justice to exactly how humbled we are to potentially have the opportunity to stand

along side a company and a family of your caliber. It truly means the world to us, and to me personally.

Please take your time to explore this page, which is designed to give you a personalized tour of the DPW project and brand.


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take advantage of the dpw production team to produce content for ignite dispensary

faqs and facts

- we are interested in establishing an ongoing partnership with a reputable company

- we are interested in bringing new sponsors on board

- a season consists of a minimum of four events

- an event cycle is define as the space between two events

- facebook ads run for a minimum of 15 days with a minimum $25 dollar budget

- our ads are hyper-designed to reach thousands of people in the midwest

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