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Building the community

Hey everyone,

Over the next few weeks, you'll start to see the beginnings of what will most likely end up being called "Discover Club" - a social network dedicated to growing a community of professional wrestling fans, to share, discuss, like, follow, meet friends, start conversations, and so much more. You'll notice two new features immediately. Those being the COMMUNITY page, which highlights each Discover Club member and allows you to follow and chat with friends. And the BULLETIN BOARD, which you're reading this on.

EVERYONE is encouraged to use the Bulletin Board. This is basically a community wall, and everyone gets a can of spray paint. Post whatever you want. Stories, polls, pics, videos, whatever you'd like! Gain followers by posting weekly blogs, and eventually earn badges that you can display on your Discover Club profile.

Soon, we will be featuring a plethora of new content including weekly podcasts, columns, and more.

And finally... We will soon be revealing a video-on-demand streaming platform. We're still working out some of the finer details, but the vision for the project is similar in scope to what you will find with services like IWTV, Powerbomb.TV, Fite, and others. We will be partnering with other promotions, near and far, to stream their shows here on

DPW is, of course, still dedicated to producing our own original content as well, with DPW 1 still planned for late 2021. Our overarching focus however is to build a community of people who love pro wrestling and help future fans discover pro wrestling.

Thank you for all of your support over the last year. Let's build this thing.


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