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Forward Mile was co-created by Nick Olson and Cole Fouts. The company began as an online sports publication for it’s first year of existence. The company made the transition into Sports Memorabilia in 2018. You may be wondering where the name “Forward Mile” came from. This is the combination of the state motto of Wisconsin, “Forward” and the slogan of the state of Illinois “Mile After Magnificent Mile.” Wisconsin is the home state of both Olson and Fouts, and Illinois was where Fouts resided at the time the company was created.

The mission of Forward Mile is to bring you great pieces of memorabilia at an affordable price. Just like our slogan says “The company that brings you the players you want, at a price you can pay.” That is what we strive for. This allows our clients and customers to continue to move their collections FORWARD without breaking the bank.

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DPW 2 | 3/27/22

Forward Mile will be at DPW 2: Reduced to Ash offering the following:

- 8x10 photos of DPW Athletes

- Signed 8x10 photos of wrestling legends

- Certificates of Authenticity (Forward Mile will authenticate your autographs, add it to their database, and give you a Certificate of Authenticity on the spot)



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