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Thank you for discovering us..

On behalf of Discover Pro Wrestling, I must extend my deepest gratitude for taking your valuable time to learn about our little dream.

Our mission is to build a robust family of local business sponsors to help create lifelong memories for our community and the people who visit it.

Please take your time to explore this page, which is designed to give you a tour of the DPW project and brand. If you would like to become a DPW Sponsor, please email us at


I've prepared a letter for you. Please download and view the letter by clicking on the PDF document icon below:

Please download the Sponsor Tier Brochure by clicking on the PDF document icon below:

If you would like to sponsor us, please fill out this short form and submit

You could also email:

Call or text: 218-830-2175

Video example:


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Why sponsor us and advertise through DPW?

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Our outreach on facebook alone is similar to the outreach you would receive by advertising on a local billboard, in the news paper, or on local television. with over 105,000 impressions in the last year, our partnership will ensure that your logo, website, and social media for your company is seen by tens of thousands.

Our fans take action and are ready and waiting to support the businesses that support us.

take advantage of the dpw production team to produce content for DULUTH HARBOR MONSTERS!

Example of commercial we can make for you:


NMS is the "parent company" of discover pro wrestling and will serve as the platform through which your sponsorship perks are developed and delivered!

quick key facts!

- Our first priority is to give families in the duluth/superior area premium entertainment options for reasonable prices

- Our second priority is to constantly honor our customers and add value to their experience wherever possible. We want each customer to walk away saying, "that was well worth the money and i made lifelong memories at this event with my friends, family, community neighbors, and tourists."

- We officially launched on august 22, 2021

- We normally sell 200 to 300 tickets per event at clyde iron works

- our facebook group received over 105,000 views over the last year

- your sponsorship package includes our production team creating a custom tv-ready ad specifically for your business. a multi-thousand dollar value

- your company and staff receive free entry to the event

- we run paid advertisements on facebook/instagram featuring your logo throughout the months leading to the show

- We would be hugely interested in establishing an on-going partnership that sees your company being the official sponsor of dpw for the next pre-agreed timeframe

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